Sunday 25 September 2011

Mail Box Sunday - Weekly Round Up #1

I'm just starting a new feature called Mail Box Sunday.  This is where I will share with you what books and other interesting things that come into my house over the past week.

This week I had an exciting parcel from Amazon!  Something I have been waiting to get my hands on :)

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion by Charlaine Harris

I'm a huge Charlaine Harris fan and I love her Sookie Stackhouse series.  So you can imagine when I first heard this was coming out ...... well... I was a little excited!   I don't often buy hardbacks, but I made an exception for this book.  I've had a quick flick through it and it looks fab!!!

Amazon Synopsis:

Book Description

The complete guide to the internationally bestselling Sookie Stackhouse True Blood books.

Product Description

THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE COMPANION is a unique guide to Sookie Stackhouse and her dark fantasy southern-Gothic world, as well as an in-depth look at the award-winning HBO series TRUE BLOOD. The book will feature a brand-new Sookie story and Charlaine's own map of Bon Temps, never before published, with every place of interest in the town, including Merlotte's bar and Sookie's home. Other treats include: * An introduction by Charlaine about the impact Sookie Stackhouse has had on her writing career, and the influence on the genre at large * A large section on the award-winning HBO series TRUE BLOOD * Detailed summaries of each novel and entries on every important character, event and setting in the series, in Sookie's voice. * An overview of Sookie's world, including information on the vampires, shapeshifter/wereanimal, and fairie factions * Interviews with Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball * A selection of favourite Bon Temps recipe.
I only had one book come into my house this week.  But I do have something else to list.   I love to have a selection of notecards at home, they always come in handy.  So on my recent trip into town I saw these notecards and just had to add them to my collection.  I loved the fact that some of the pictures were of chocolate labrador puppies :D


Vicky @ A Backpack Full of Adventures said...

Aw, those note cards are so cute! :)

Shelby Young said...

they are! especially the pups!

sam1978 said...

Argh now I must get the Sookie book after reading yours and Dani's blogs. Sounds fab :) x

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