Saturday 25 June 2011

Still awake

Well I should have gone to bed by now, but no I'm still awake.  Ooops, will probably feel tired tomorrow for my meet with some other readitswapit.co.uk members.  I'm catching the 07:40 train which is way too early for me.  Hades my chocolate labrador will have me up at 05:00 for his morning feedies.  So as you can see I will get very little sleep.  No doubt I shall be running on excitement, so will be ok.  I'm taking my kindle for the train journey, I love it to bits.  So easy to use and easy to take out and about.  There is room in my life for the kindle and tree books.  I'm greedy, I love having both.  Well night night.

Friday 24 June 2011

Well this is exciting.

Ooh how lovely my first post.  Well where do I start???  I'm really quite excited about tomorrow.  I'm meeting some lovely ladies from readitswapit.co.uk . It's been organised for months and months.  Well now it is finally here :) There are going to be two author talks, a book dip, book swapping galore and a really good gossip.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my very two best book friends Dani and Julie.  I have made some really really good friends through this site.  I will update tomorrow and tell you all the exciting things that have happerend.  I do hope it doesn't rain.  I'm bringing along 30 books and I wont have a spare hand for an umbrella.  I don't fancy turning up with soggy books either. 

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