Friday 23 September 2011

Blog To Blog - Featured Blog Interview #2

Every week I am going to do a feature called Blog to Blog.  Blog to Blog is where I will choose a blog and ask the blog owner questions.

This week I've chosen Lainy from So Many Books, So Little Time 

First of all I would like to welcome Lainy and thank her for taking part in this feature.

What is your blog mainly about?
Books, reviews, pre-loved giveaways (basically all about books).

How did you come up with your blog name? 
It kind of tells it in the name :D So Many Books, So Little Time.

What inspired you to start blogging? 
To be honest I read so many books I often forget what I have read and buy then again or swap it is a nightmare so I started reviewing to keep track and what better way to keep track (and meet like-minded people) than to blog.

What piece of advice would you give to new bloggers?
ALWAYS return visits, if someone takes the time to visit your blog take a trip back to theirs - people really appreciate it and I would rather have a handful of people who are interested in what I write than just have loads of followers who don't ever visit or read what is written.

What book would you recommend?
Oh dear where to start, from most recent I would say S J Watson, Before I Go To Sleep - it is a debut novel and it honestly one of the best books I have read!

Name three of your favorite authors.

Which three blogs would you recommend?
Aw 3 is so few there are so many good ones Books For CompanyCuriosity Killed The Bookworm, and Dizzy C's Little Book Blog

Have you got anything exciting  coming up on your blog? 
There is a Pre-loved giveaway on just down (2 for September) which runs until the end of the month (UK and International) and there is one pre-loved giveaway every month.  I will eventually get some author interviews up but at the moment I am concentrating on the reviews and giveaways :D
Here is the link to the Pre-loved Giveaway

Once again thank you Lainy for taking the time to answer my questions :D
If you would like your blog to feature on my weekly Blog to Blog just let me know!


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