Wednesday 14 September 2011

Hades the keen gardner!

Autumn is on the way and it's time to take out the bedding plants from the summer. I do love to have a bit of colour in my patio area, so I took a trip the garden centre with my parents yesterday. I picked up some lovely mixed variety winter pansies and also bought lots of different bulbs for springtime.

I planted some yesterday, but still had some old plants to clear out before I could put the rest in.  The remaining pansies I put inside a large plastic tray and put them on the garden bench.  If the weather was going to be nice I thought I'd plant the rest today.

Imagine my horror when I woke up this morning to discover someone had been busy in the garden!  Oh yes indeed......  Hades now has green paws, not gardners "green fingers", no, green paws!  He has been a busy boy.  He has managed to get the tray of remaining pansies and pull it out the plastic tray.  I had bits of chewed up pansies all over the patio.  With a smug Hades looking so proud of himself.  I guess he was only trying to help.  Thankfully some I can save but not all of them.  There have been casualties :(

Here is some of the carnage Hades caused.

Two plants I managed to save

Someone looking so proud of themselves :P


Lindsay said...

Aw naughty doggie! They are always have a rummage in the garden, Daisy is determined to trample on the grass that we are trying to grow from seed!

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

They are really cheeky! I have my pots up high in the patio area, Hades has dug all the soil and plants out of them before. He was covered from head to paw in soil. I had to give him a shower!!

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