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Young Will Parker and his companions make a perilous journey toward an outpost of freedom where they hope to escape from the ruling Tripods, who capture mature human beings and make them docile, obedient servants.


I’ve wanted to read this trilogy for a long time now.  When I was young I remembered my parents watching a TV adaption of this book and it has always stuck in my mind.
I can say I have not been disappointed.  I loved the idea of a rebellion of a minority few trying to regain control over an alien life force.  The whole drama and thrill of whether these three young boys will escape the clutches of the Tripods.  It makes for an exciting read.  The story centres around the main character Will who is coming of age.  Once young people get to a certain age they are sent off in the tripods – which are the aliens in a three legged machine – to be capped.  Capping involves a metal plate being put onto the head so that the tripods can control you.  The newly capped people are returned to their homes and they are then under the control of the Tripods.  Will meets a mysterious stranger who tells him of a life free from capping, where men can think for themselves.  But the journey to salvation is dangerous.
I’ve loved this first book in the series so much I have no moved straight onto the second book.
Cover: 2/5
Story: 4.5/5


Anonymous said...

I read this one so long ago, what an awe inspiring read. Thanks for the great review.


SarahSparrow said...

I remember reading this book when I was a kid, and I've been thinking of rereading it too!

Lisa Richards/alterlisa said...

never heard of this one but definitely going on my wishlist

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