Wednesday 24 August 2011

** REVIEW** How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran


The Blurb:

1913 – Suffragette throws herself under the King’s horse.
1969 – Feminists storm Miss World.
NOW – Caitlin Moran rewrites The Female Eunuch from a bar stool and demands to know why pants are getting smaller.

There’s never been a better time to be a woman: we have the vote and the Pill, and we haven’t been burnt as witches since 1727. However, a few nagging questions do remain…

Why are we supposed to get Brazilians? Should you get Botox? Do men secretly hate us? What should you call your vagina? Why does your bra hurt? And why does everyone ask you when you’re going to have a baby?

Part memoir, part rant, Caitlin Moran answers these questions and more in How To Be A Woman – following her from her terrible 13th birthday (‘I am 13 stone, have no friends, and boys throw gravel at me when they see me’) through adolescence, the workplace, strip-clubs, love, fat, abortion, TopShop, motherhood and beyond.


I have to admit it was the cover that drew me to this book – it’s fabulous!
This book was more like an autobiography of the author Caitlin Moran, rather than a general take on how to be a woman.  There were some really funny moments, but equally there were some flat moments.  Overall I would recommend this book as a fun light hearted read.  I’ve never heard of the author before and did enjoy reading about her life story.  But at times I really thought she came across whiny.  Maybe it was the writing style that grated on my nerves.
The first half of the book was in my opinion the best part.  It did start to lose me a little at the halfway mark and because of this the book seemed to drag on for me; I was a little relieved to finally finish it.
Cover rating: 5/5
Overall  rating: 3/5


Lindsay said...

I liked the cover too. I read her newspaper columns sometimes and follow her on twitter. I got about halfway through and liked bits of it, then I started something else and I still need to finish it.

Vinci said...

thanks for the review.
the subject is interesting but
maybe I will get it at the library.
She seems like a talented writer.great book jacket.
Will look up her columns.

Silvy said...

It's seems like a great book,I put it on my read list.

Unknown said...

Awesome - might give this a try!

Diana_Dimovska said...

Cool :D Would love to read this, sounds interesting! Thanks for revealing this book to me! :D

shauna said...

Do men secretly hate us? Hmmm...
I heard this was a bit preachy though, did you find it to be?

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