Sunday 28 August 2011

A photo from the past #2

Hades here is 8 weeks old.  I took this photo on the first day we had him.  He was so sweet and dinky.  Two years later and he can now fill a whole sofa all to himself when he want to!

I was really lucky to have him on my birthday.  It wasn't planned this way when we were thinking of having a puppy.  Because we wanted a chunky chocolate Lab we had to research breeders, we were fortunate to find a local breeder who was only a 15 minute car ride away.  All future owners had to be vetted, which I thought was a good thing because it showed they cared about their puppies.  We were put down on a waiting list and asked whether we preferred a male or female dog.  We had an email to say that the puppies had been born.  We saw them at 4 weeks old and then when it was 8 weeks - which happened to be my birthday - we were asked to come at certain times and choose a pup.  We had the choice of 5 puppies  He snuggled up to our necks and was a real sweetie.  Hades was so adorable that he came home with us.  I can honestly say 2 years later every minute spent with him is a joy.  He is a huge part of our family.


So many books, so little time said...

<3 I so love him, hoping for a meet yoru way and he can come :D


Jenny@ChocolateChunkyMunkie said...

If we did have a meet with Hades we'd have to bring chicken! He loves it. You only have to mention the word and he gets excited :D


Riley10387 said...


Petra said...

Aww, adorable! And the lovely paws :) Also, a cool name, I love Greek mythology!

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