Monday 15 August 2011

What I have planned for today.

I'm up nice and early today.  I'm planning on visiting my parents.  I take Hades along too, as he loves to play with my Parents two dogs.  Edie is a black Sprocker Spaniel, she is adorable and full of energy.  Harry is a fawn pug and he especially loves playing with Hades.  It is so funny to watch as it is such a contrast between big Hades and small Harry.  They all get on so well.  I only have to utter the words " Does Hades want to see Edie and Harry", and he is off ready and waiting by the door.  I'm really lucky that my parent only live a twenty minute drive away.  Hades loves nothing more than having a ride in the car.  He puts his head out the window and you can see his ears flapping away in the breeze.


So many books, so little time said...

You have a new follower :D Did the dogs have a lovely visit yesterday? This post needs a pic of the doggies :D


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