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***Review*** Vengeance by Megan Miranda (Fracture #2)

Released: February 2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens
Series: Yes, Fracture #2
Format: Digital ARC
Source: Netgalley
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Many thanks to Netgalley and the Publisher for my copy, this is in exchange for an honest review

You can see my review of book one Fracture HERE


Falcon Lake wants vengeance. And so, it seems, does someone else . . . An intense, heart-rending psychological thriller to accompany the chilling and seductive FractureWhen Decker drags his best friend Delaney’s lifeless body out of the frozen lake, he makes a deal: Anyone but her. Everyone but her. The lake releases her. It takes another . . .

All their friends blame Delaney for Carson’s death. But Decker knows the truth: Delaney is drawn to those who are dying, and she would have tried to help Carson.

Or so Decker believes until a body lies in front of him in a pool of water on his kitchen floor. Until he sees in Delaney’s eyes that she knew this would happen too – and she said nothing. Until he realises it isn’t the lake that is looking for revenge – Delaney is part of someone else’s plan.

This powerful and emotionally charged psychological thriller follows Megan Miranda’s stunning debut Fracture.

My Review:

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Fracture, and was really keen to see where the story was going to go next.  It starts off not long after where Fracture finishes, but this time we get to see things through Decker's eyes.  This gave the series a whole new take on things.  I have to say, I did just prefer the first book; as I really enjoyed the main character Delaney.  Perhaps this is why it did not get a similar or higher rating.

I'm not going to divulge any of the story as this is book two.  What I will add is that you have to read book one.  Things will not make total sense if you do not, and there is a kind of special bond between the two characters that you will miss if you skip a book.

This book certainly adds to the series, it's nice to see things from a different angle and perspective.  I am glad I read it, even if it didn't score so high as the first book.

Overall:  Great addition to the series
My Thoughts on the Cover:  This is certainly a striking cover, I would be drawn to this in the bookshop.


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