Sunday 12 May 2013

** Review** Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfood for Dogs

Hi Guys!  As many of you might know I'm a dog lover and a book lover.  I was asked to review something completely different than my usual books.  It makes a lovely change to write about a different topic.  

This was a powder supplement that I added to my dogs normal feed.

Right back to doggy matters, Hades my dog is a Chunky Chocolate Labrador and when I was asked to try out Din Dins I thought it was a great idea.  Hades can suffer with bad breath and his coat can look dry and dull.  This all natural product said that it helped a number of different ailments, bad breath included.  Great  I thought, no more pongy breath!

Well my verdict.... it does work.  His coat is definitely better and looks less dull and there is a vast improvement with his breath.  He's still a slobber chops but I know it can't perform miracles ;) 

With this product you get it in a round tub and there is a handy measuring spoon inside.  With Hades being a large dog there were a few spoonfuls needed.  I must admit I didn't use the exact measurement for his size, I used less, as I felt that his food was getting a bit engulfed with the powder.  But even with the lesser amount I saw results with Hades.

I also have a puppy and now he has reached 6 months he can go on Din Dins.  After seeing the positive effect on Hades' condition I have no hesitation with starting Bertie on this.  I have heard raw natural products are good for the dogs and I can say after trialling this product I can rule it out as not just another gimmick trying to get the loving owners sucked in.

Product Description:

Wickedly Raw Superfoods for dogs is a smart blend of superfoods, herbs, seagreens and probiotics, loaded with raw healing elements like antioxidants, phytonutrients, fatty acids and enzymes. Ordinary convenience pet food loses many of these elements during processing but are absolutely essential for the health of your pet. Works wonders with wind, bad breath and other wicked whiffs.What’s more, as the blend works to holistic principles, it’s a real health aid to the whole body by purifying pooch from the inside out.
Add this to your dog’s packaged pet food and see the difference in overall health and vitality.
Wickedly Raw Superfoods can also be used by those who feed a complete BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) to fill in any nutritional shortfalls in a frozen or homemade diet. For more information www.barfworld.com.
Suitable for puppies from 3 months. 


  • Bad breath
  • Baldness, itching, skin conditions and helps glossy coats
  • Infections
  • Immunity and vitality
  • Regulates blood sugars
  • Runny stools, constipation, food intolerances, IBS, intestinal problems, pancreatic issues
  • Maintenance of kidney and urinary tract health
  • Weight maintenance
For more information you can check out the Din Dins website HERE.  It's packed full of interesting facts about Din Dins.


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