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I'm never really very good at introducing myself, it's knowing where to start and when to finish.  I guess when I hear the snores I know I have gone too far.

Well my name is Jenny and I'm 36 years old - I think at the last birthday, they all seem the same now ;)  I've grown up nearly all my life in the rural surroundings of Herefordshire, which is in England.  I love where I live and I love the people that surround my life.  I work part-time, so this gives me plenty of opportunity to indulge in my biggest passion which is reading.

The other person I would like to introduce, as he is a huge part of my blog is Hades.  Hades is a character!  Where do I start?  He is a Four year old chocolate chunky Labrador.  Playful, loveable and totally absorbing, this fellow and myself get up to all sorts of mischief.  Life would be so dull without him around.

We have a new addition to the Family here at Chocolate Chunky Munkie and that is Bertie Bee.

 Bertie is still  a puppy so life is interesting.  When he's not playing with Hades he can be found sleeping.

I find I am totally consumed by blogging.  Who thought it would be so much fun!!  I'm seriously thinking of joining Blogaholics Anonymous - if there is such a group ;)

I'm always happy to chat to fellow bloggers and if you follow me and want me to follow you back - Just yell!  Though not too loud or you'll interrupt my reading :D.


Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

The silver bar shows all my pages. To set a page up on Blogger you click into new post and at the top you can see a bit that says Edit Pages. Once you click on the Edit pages bit it shows a button that says New Pages. You can create a new page and add links to other parts of your blog on there. Mine is silver because of the template I choose. Looking at your blog yours will be a different colour.

I hope that helps.......

So many books, so little time said...

I have just seen this Jenny, lovely :)

Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jenny for your add on good reads. I love reading as well and I would like to make friends who are interested in reading as well. My name is Karim 27 years old, I am originally from Alexandria Egypt but I currently live in Bracknell Berkshire. I am a used by your lovely blog. Did u design it?

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