Monday 1 April 2013

***Review** Gathering of Blackbirds by M.M Gavillet

Released: 12th August 2012
Publisher: Create Space
Series: Yes # 1 in the series
Source: From author for review purposes
Format: Paperback

* Copy provided by author for an honest review*

Goodreads Synopsis:

 When fifteen-year- old Emily Moore buys a necklace at a thrift shop, she didn’t expect that purchase would land her in the middle of an ancient struggle between powers of lost civilizations.
It isn’t until she saves Gabe, a fellow classmate and a boy she hardly knows, from two strangers that drifted into the small Midwest town of St. Francis, does she realizes the danger she had fallen into. This is Emily’s first encounter with the Alliances Creed, a group devoted to securing magical implements.
Now, caught red-handed with a magical pendant, Emily must prove her innocence or suffer consequences of the laws of Atlantis.
With Atlantis and many hidden worlds at risk, it is up to the Blackbirds-a small group of the Alliances Creed, to save magic from evil. Gabe, leader of the Blackbirds, protects Emily, who can suddenly hear silent messages sent centuries ago, only strengthens her ties to Atlantis. But how can a human girl do this? That is what the Blackbirds would like to know…

My Review:

I quite enjoyed this first book in the series.  The book follows Emily Moore, a teenager, who finds herself embroiled in a struggle between warring clans.  Emily is thrown into an age old  battle on the lost world of Atlantis.  

This is the first book I have read based on the lost world of Atlantis, I was not disappointed.  The world Gavillet has created has all the magic and excitement I would associate with the lost civilisation.  I had some edge of my seat moments.  It was an easy read and had rich imagination.  I thought the story flowed well.

The characters were very likeable and I think my favourite would have to be Gabe.  He seemed like a sweet and swoony sort, I could see him being very popular with the ladies in the real world.

I have now bought the 2nd book in the series and eagerly await to find out where next the story takes me.
 photo 3-star.png

I did enjoy this first instalment!

My Thoughts on the Cover:
I really like the picture of the girl on the cover. She is clutching a black feather, which obviously has meaning to book.


Dani Cotton said...

Great to see you back into blogging, Jen! :)
This one certainly looks interesting - might have to check it out on Goodreads!

Dani xx

emaginette said...

The cover is deceptive because I always think of Atlantis as wet. Probably from the Michael J Fox movie.

It is nice to know there is so much more. :-)

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