Friday 8 March 2013

One To Watch: The Great Ice-Cream Heist by Elen Caldecott


By Elen Caldecott Publication Date: 6TH June 2013

 Available in paperback original and eBook format Elen Caldecott’s books have received high acclaim and award recognition since she was first published in 2009.

 In the last four years she has been shortlisted for the Red House Children’s Book Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, been highly commended at the Sheffield Children’s Book Awards and won The Lennoxlove Author Award. She has received more than 30 award nominations to date. The Great Ice-Cream Heist is Elen’s fifth book. This funny and moving family adventure is about sticking up for your friends. It subtly tackles bereavement and through the main protagonist explores what’s it’s like to deal with dyslexia on a day to day basis. 'Those McIntyres are nothing but trouble!' When the McIntyre family moves in next door, Eva is intrigued - it is the first interesting thing to happen for ages. But her ever protective Dad - even more protective since Eva's mum died - does not agree. And the McIntyres are certainly noisy! But Eva is curious about Jamie, who she often sees on the roof of his garden shed, escaping the family chaos. Then Eva gets to know Jamie a bit better. And when he is accused of vandalising the youth club, Eva is sure he didn't do it. It is up to Eva to stick up for him - but then Jamie disappears. Eva finds herself in a race against time, culminating in the high jacking of an ice-cream van pursued by an army of keep-fit enthusiasts. Will she find Jamie before it’s too late?


emaginette said...

Well, I all I can say is why steal money if there is ice cream? I'm surprised she hasn't walked away all the awards.

Anna @ http://emaginette.wordpress.com

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