Tuesday 20 November 2012

*** Review *** Separate Lives by Kathryn Flett

Released: 5th July 2012
Publisher: Quercus
Series: No
Source: From Publisher for review purposes
Author Site: Kathryn Flett

Goodreads Synopsis:

Your partner of ten years, and the father of your children, receives a text. You happen to see it.

It says:

'Start living a different kind of life... P :-) xxx'

You don't know a P. But you know this spells trouble.

My Review:

I have to say it's been a while since I read something contemporary, but I slipped into the narrative of this one like you slip into a nice hot bath.  It felt lovely and relaxing.  I've mostly been reading YA for the past year, but it certainly made a nice refreshing change to have a different feel to a book.

I have to say overall I did enjoy this book.  I really liked the fact it was told from different POV's it certainly gave each characters side of the story.  It certainly showed how each persons life was affected by the decisions they made and the consequences that followed.

I thought the story flowed well and I also liked the fact that there were some parts of the story are told in email and letter format.

My favourite character would have to be Susie, I could really relate to her and I enjoyed how her part of the story panned out.  The characters seemed real and I do like that in a book, it has to be believable for me.I didn't like all of the characters but I suppose you are not going to like all of them.

I have to say I liked how the ending panned out, I did feel that it ended on the right note.  There were a couple of twists in the plot, a couple were a little predictable. 

Would I read anymore books by this author??  Yes I would!

I would have to say it really did flow well and I will be reading it again at some point.

My Thoughts on the Cover:
I am so used to all these amazing YA covers that this one does feel a little drab in comparison.  I can't say this cover jumps out and says pick me up now.

** Many thanks to the Publisher for supplying me with a review copy **


Unknown said...

I like trading women's lit once ina while to clean up my reading palate. I'll put this in the back burner for when that time arises again.

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