Friday 27 July 2012

Author Interview: Corey Sondrup

Released: July 24th 2012
Publisher: Self-Published
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Author Site: Corey Sondrup

Goodreads Synopsis:

“Times up skinwalker.”

What if you woke up one day and found out the life you had been living was a dream and the people in your life weren’t who you thought they were?

What if you found out you were something other than what you thought you were?

Twenty-one year old, Wyatt Harrison was perfectly content spending his nights partying with his fraternity brothers while trying to juggle school and his psycho- girlfriend. Fate decided it was time for Wyatt to wake up.
Wyatt’s world is suddenly turned upside down when he discovers that wild animals would rather love him then eat him, his sister communicates with him from the dead, he discovers he has the power to regenerate his body as he walks away from an auto accident that killed five of his fraternity brothers. And to make matters worse, he has a new craving that neither food nor drink will satisfy.
With the help of his college professor, a mysterious, new girlfriend and a loving grandfather full of family secrets, Wyatt finds himself running from the beings trying to kill him and from the ones that have found better uses for his blood other than just food.

I'm really excited to have author Corey Sondrup calling in here at Chocolate Chunky Munkie to answer a few questions for me!

Author Interview:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I live in Park City, Utah. For the last sixteen years I have been a chiropractor, nutritionist and energy healer emphasizing the body-mind-spirit approach to health. I got the writing bug back in 2005. Since then I have written three books; two self help and one paranormal/urban fantasy. Writing comes last in my world. When I am not running my office, I move into husband and dad mode. In my limited spare time, I write.

 What inspired you to want to become a writer? 
 I originally started writing to reach a larger audience than what I could see on a daily basis treating patients. Writing a book was the next logical choice to spread the word on health & wellness. From there, I got bored with self help books and decided to write an upper YA-paranormal-urban fantasy series full of vampires, werewolves, witches and shape-shifters. Fiction is so much more enjoyable to write.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book. 
 My book is a fun and entertaining read with couple of different takes on the vampire and werewolf genres, besides, you can never read too many vampire/werewolf novels. What sparked the idea for your novel? I have always been fascinated with the supernatural as well as vampires and werewolves. After reading dozens of books on the subject, I thought to myself, Why not? I felt like I could add some fresh ideas from my background in energy healing as well as health and spirituality.

Your favorite authors? 
 I love Stuart Woods, Janet Evanovitch and Michael Connelly. In the paranormal/urban fantasy realm, I love Anne Rice, J.R. Ward, Cherie Priest, Jason Starr, and Lindsay Sands.

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
 I would have dinner with my grandfather who happens to be a major character in my book, Blood Amalgam. He's been gone now for eighteen years and there isn't a day go by where I don't think about him. Writing has been the best way for me to stay connected with him. When I write about him, he is still alive.

Thank you Corey for taking time to answer my questions, some great answers  :)


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