Friday 29 June 2012

Blog Tour: Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow

Hi Guys!  I'm really happy to announce that Chocolate Chunky Munkie is participating in the Blog Tour for Royally BeSwitched by Molly Snow.  This book is the third book in the BeSwitched series.  For my stop on the tour I have a guest post from Molly.

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Guest Post by Molly Snow - Sneak Peek Into Royally BeSwitched

Hi, Jenny! Thanks again for having me on your blog. For Chocolate Chunky Munkie, I decided to share an excerpt from Royally BeSwitched. This is a peek into a private moment with the peasant girl and the prince--only Noella (the peasant) has switched bodies with Surla, so she is a black cat! There other sweet moments like this throughout the book, maybe making this my favorite of the series.

The prince laid gently back on his bed, propped against the headboard with some pillows. Noella remained as still as possible, laying across his chest, not wanting to ruin her luck. She had never been this close to a boy, let alone a handsome prince.
He took in a deep breath and sighed, starting to pet her as he looked up at the ceiling. She could feel his heartbeat against her chest. “What am I going to do, cat?”
Noella remained quiet, taking in the moment.
“I am eighteen years old now. Mother and Father expect me to choose a girl for marriage soon. It is my birthday ball this Friday, and I am not in love with anyone… And there was a girl the other day…”
Esme came to her thoughts, and how she had entered his chamber in her seductive dress. Yes, Esme, she knew.
“My mother was mad at her, thinking she had purposefully placed a hair in her pie…”
Noella’s heart skipped. Me!
“The look on that poor girl’s face. I knew she didn’t do it.”
He knows! She perked up a bit.
“I felt terrible for her. I told Mother to please be easy on her later that night. Mother has had hard times, and so she can be too hard on others. Earlier that evening I heard her fighting with my father. He can be very insensitive.” He took a deep breath in before adding, “I can’t imagine the girl can clean this whole chateau night and day, sweeping and mopping…”
A purr started up again. His eyes shifted down to the feline. “Where did you come from?”
Noella considered responding to him, like Surla did with her just the other day in the closet. She held back her strong desire.
“You have a lovely bell there, cat. You must have belonged to somebody… Is it right for me to keep you?”
Feeling a sudden surge of courage, she rubbed her little chin across his chin, purring some more.
He chuckled. “I like you, you know that? I would like to keep you.”
She laid the side of her head into the crevice between his neck and chin, and listened to his breath.
“I will ask around if anyone has seen you before. I hope I can keep you. I hope no one says you are theirs.” He exhaled a strong sigh, and his breath tickled her. The two laid there a while longer, deep in thought, until they drifted to sleep.

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