Thursday 1 December 2011

A Photo From The Past #9

I’ve put loads of picture of Hades – my dog – up on here.  So I thought it was time to put a picture up of Mitty cat (Mitzy).  Mitty is such a sweet cat and loves nothing better than to find a warm cosy place to curl up and sleep.  Mitty is a 12 year old tabby cat and I’ve had her from a kitten.

She is totally different cat in the summer, I hardly see her inside... well only for meal times!!!  But come winter time and she is a house cat.  I can normally find her somewhere close huddling up against the radiator.

I nickname her the Killer Queen as she is a real hunter.  Mice, rabbits, and even the odd frog has fallen victim to the gnashing jaws.  The hedgerows quiver when she is about.  One day she gave me a fright!  She brought a live mouse into the house and dropped it on the floor, off it scuttled under my sofa.   I spent a long time looking for this mouse and I had to move all the furniture about.  Well my hero was Hades as he caught the mouse in the corner of the room and off he trotted outside with it.  He dumped it on the floor outside.  The mouse was all wet but off it scuttled unharmed.  My true hero <3


Jaffareadstoo..... said...

What a great picture she looks very sweet - I think jaffa loves the look of Mitzy....x

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