Saturday 29 September 2012

Author Interview & Giveaway: Gathering of Blackbirds by M. M. Gavillet

Here at Chocolate Chunky Munkie I'm pleased to have author M.M. Gavillet drop by and answer some questions.  The author has kindly provided three copies of her book, Gathering of Blackbirds, so I can hold a giveaway!!  check out the book, author interview and at the bottom you'll find the giveaway, it's open to Everyone.  Gathering of Blackbirds is a YA Urban Fantasy story.

Released: August 12th 2012
Publisher:  Createspace
Series:  Yes #1
Format:  Paperback
Author Site: M.M. Gavillet

Goodreads Synopsis:

When fifteen-year- old Emily Moore buys a necklace at a thrift shop, she didn’t expect that purchase would land her in the middle of an ancient struggle between powers of lost civilizations.
It isn’t until she saves Gabe, a fellow classmate and a boy she hardly knows, from two strangers that drifted into the small Midwest town of St. Francis, does she realizes the danger she had fallen into. This is Emily’s first encounter with the Alliances Creed, a group devoted to securing magical implements.
Now, caught red-handed with a magical pendant, Emily must prove her innocence or suffer consequences of the laws of Atlantis.
With Atlantis and many hidden worlds at risk, it is up to the Blackbirds-a small group of the Alliances Creed, to save magic from evil. Gabe, leader of the Blackbirds, protects Emily, who can suddenly hear silent messages sent centuries ago, only strengthens her ties to Atlantis. But how can a human girl do this? That is what the Blackbirds would like to know…

Author Interview: M.M. Gavillet

1.) Tell us a little about yourself.
 I live in Illinois with my husband, two children and an array of animals on our sort of hobby farm. I wish I could say something interesting, but my life is really is pretty quiet. Unlike many authors that you may read about, I wasn't born with a book in my hand and I didn't stay up at night reading, in fact, I was forced to do book reports as a child and it wasn't until I was in high school did the reading bug as well as writing bug bit me. Since then, I have conjured stories in my head and even wrote some on notebook paper and now I save most of them on my handy dandy flashdrive.

 2.) What inspired you to become a writer? 
 Not sure if I ever was hit by the lightening bolt of inspiration to become a writer, but I may have stood somewhat close to it. I think writing sort of found me and I always felt it was something in me that no matter how much you try to stop it, you can't. Writing to me is like a seed that needs to sprout, find the sun and drink a little water-it is hard work and frustrating at times, but like anything else, it is worth it. The last few years I have read a lot and written a lot and then repeated both over and over again.

3.)Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book. 
Only one and I already used it! :) But, really, with the market flooded with many wonderful paranormal romance, urban fantasy novels for YA, I personally like and stuck to the urban fantasy genre, but wanted to venture in a different direction than vampires, werewolves etc., so if you're looking for something different, then my book is it.

4.)What sparked your idea for your novel? 
 I don't recommend this, but driving in my car. I am usually by myself and not pulled in a million different directions and can actually think. I got the idea to write my novel from the hundreds of blackbirds that would gather in the fall and fly around the countryside like a giant black blanket to the different fields around the area. After observing this, I thought there needed to be a story about them and though the original story is far from the finished project, it is amazing how you can start in one place and end up in an entirely different one.

 5.) Your favorite authors? 
Cassandra Clare, Amanda Hocking, Libba Bray,Jack London, J.R.R Tolkien and Christopher Paeolini to name a few.

6.) If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 
This is a hard question, but I wold have to say Tolkien. His stories are so rich in history and characters, it would be interesting to find out his creative process and how he got his ideas.

 Thank you Melanie for taking time to answer my questions, some great answers  :) 

Giveaway Details!!

Chance to win your very own paperback copy of Gathering Of Blackbirds by M.M. Gavillet

So here are the details: 
  • There will be 3 winners- Each winner will receive a paperback copy of Gathering of Blackbirds directly from the Author.
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  • Giveaway will end 31st October 2012
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Awesome interview! It's really nice to learn more about Ms. Gavillet's life:)

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well...we both love Cassandra Clare :)
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