Saturday 12 November 2011

Bookshelf Tour - My first ever V-Log!!

I have great pleasure in sharing my first ever V-log!  This is the tour of my bookshelf :D  I hope you enjoy watching it.  Because I was pushed for time I didn't have time to show you all of my bookshelves, so you only have a glimpse of what I have to read.  Enjoy!!


Ailsa said...

I love seeing what books people have :) It looks like you have a lot of good books still to read, I hope you enjoy them!


Dani Cotton said...

I see I do get mentioned a couple of times there ;)

Really wish I could do a video blog, but I don't have a video camera :P I could video IMM though, I suppose on my webcam... it's an idea!! :P Got quite a lot to talk about tomorrow!!


Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

Well you have given loads of books over the past couple of years so yes you do get a mention Dani :D I'm going to do a video IMM this week, I have lots of books to talk about!!

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