Saturday 22 October 2011

A Photo From The Past #7

I haven't done a photo from the past for weeks now.  The book part has taken over my blog.....

Here is a photo of Hades waiting for a shower.  This dog is a serious water freak - a few summers ago I even bought him his own paddling pool and he loved it.  He likes nothing better than going for a dip in the river and on a rainy day he has to walk through every single puddle.  So sometimes the mud monster has to have a shower.  He loves having a shower.  He sits like a little quiet lamb, but the minute he comes out and I have to dry him.... oh boy look out El Toro is on the loose!!!  I feel like a matador with the towel, he comes charging at me lol.  I have been sent flying on my back before now. But it is all worth it to have a shiny pooch.


Toni D. said...

I recently helped a friend wash her great dane/german shepherd cross dog. I think my friend and I came out more wet than the dog.

Hades is so cute! What made you decide on the name?

CYP @ A Bookalicious Story said...

Oh, that is so cute! I love big dogs! But can never have one cause my mom's afraid of them... Hades is such a sweetheart, haha. And a little demanding!

Erin said...

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