Sunday 2 October 2011

Mail Box Sunday - Weekly Round Up #2

Last week I started a new feature called Mail Box Sunday.  So as Sunday is here again I'm going to share with you what books and other interesting things came into my house over the past week.

Just two items to share with you this week.

This week I had an exciting parcel I've won a copy of this book on a Goodreads First Read Giveaway! I feel really happy as this book has a Labrador on the cover.  Wins my vote for a start!!

Silas by Robert J. Duperre.

Goodreads Synopsis:
Robert J. Duperre, author of The Fall and Dead of Winter, now presents Silas, a contemporary fantasy novel.

Ken Lowery is a man at odds with his life. He hates his job, is disappointed in his marriage, and feels resigned to leading a mundane existence.

That all changes when his wife brings home a rambunctious Black Labrador puppy named Silas, who forges a remarkable connection with Ken and begins to heal his inner turmoil. When some neighborhood children start to go missing, he takes it upon himself to protect those around him and is thrust into a surreal world where monsters roam. Not everything is what it seems to be, he soon discovers, including his new best friend.

I look forward to reading this and posting a review on the blog :D 

This one came from Amazon MP.  I've read one book in the series so far.  I mainly bought this one for Mum and will read it when she passes it me back.

 Agatha Raisin and the Day The Floods Came #12 - M.C Beaton.

Goodreads Synopsis:
Crankier than ever, Agatha Raisin wants to forget that her husband left her to enter a monastery-a turn of affairs more humiliating than when she caught him with a mistress. She feels abandoned, fat, frumpy, and absolutely furious.

What are her options? She takes an island vacation and joins a Pilates class. But what finally lifts her spirits is finding a corpse. The dead girl is a member of Agatha's exercise class, afloat in a rain-swollen river, dressed in a bridal gown, and clutching a wedding bouquet.

Agatha's policeman friend Bill Wong suggests she leave this macabre murder to the Worcester CID. Pah! What do they know? Once she enlists the aid of the bachelor mystery writer next door, puts on a disguise, and interviews some likely suspects, Agatha will be her brash, redoubtable self again- unless she becomes the killer's next victim first ...


Denise said...

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Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

I'll have a look at your blog now Denise :D

Jaffareadstoo..... said...

Well done on winning a Goodreads giveaway - jaffa and I enjoy reading your blog -we've given you an award http://jaffareadstoo.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-award.html

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